Dental ziroconia

Industrial Material Procurement


Main supplies:

Industrial and medical:

  • Medical grade thermopolyutherane (TPU)

  • Polyvynle (PVC) sheets

  • Polypropylene slide sheets (pull sheet)

  • Polyutherane reactive hot melt (PUR)

  • OMD (Out Mold Decoration) PO film

  • TPO film compatible with PE and PP

  • Nylon/TPU sheets

  • Non-woven sheets


  • Dental zirconia blocks and discs

  • Dental burrs

Digital Printing:

  • LED UV inks

  • Eco non-solvent inks


High Frequency


We offer high-frequency welding services for industrial, medical, and consumer products.

Main Applications:

  • Healthcare air mattresses

  • Inflatable birthing mattresses

  • Tradeshow & exhibition canvas

  • and much more.....